Thursday, July 16, 2009

Salcedo Street: Lady in lavender and pink


Mo said...

so just concluded that ur filipino. that's rad! i am so in the dark about filipino culture/anything..kinda sad, cuz i am filipina.

anyway like the blog, it's interesting to see that the island is a lot more fashion forward than i imagined..forgive my ignorance.

anyway forwarded to all my filipino's i knew..and they all love it. keep it up <3


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

well that's okay. thanks again for the forwards!

the thing with style in manila is that it is often unexpected - not always to be found in the fashion crowd, but at the same time, not altogether lost among the less visible public.

ayala avenue and the business district have always provided surprises.

Paeng said...

Her ensemble looks so laid back. Wish you stopped her and asked for a quick photo. hehe

Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

I know! But she was walking so fast so I just settled for a back photo. I think it captures a mood different from the usual street style shots.

Next time I'll run faster!